Have some questions? Make sure to scroll through our FAQ section.

“What is the price of BKHC?”

BKHC is $50/month, or $500/year.

“When does BKHC registration open?”

BKHC registration only opens 2X/year, January and July.

“When does BKHC start?”

BKHC starts July 15, 2018. On that date, the first BKS materials become available to you. You’ll be added to the Secret Group so that you can meet your community!

“Will this take a lot of time out of my already busy week?”

Nope! BKHC is streamlined, created for and used by real-world harpists. A clunky system isn’t sustainable or fun. BKHC teaches you skill, not endless information.

“What time commitment is BKHC per month?”

The 3 monthly trainings average 20 minutes each. The monthly Live Q&A is approximately 1 hour. You’ll apply BKS straight into your practice, so there’s a lot of overlap between BKS and your usual practice. Count on 3 hours/month of actively working through the trainings + Live Q&A, plus engaging with the BKHC community (optional yet highly recommended). With BKS, you’ll practice more efficiently and get better results, huge time savers in the long run. On the other hand, you’ll be more motivated to practice in general, a wonderful possible hazard!

“How should I fit BKHC into my busy schedule?”

BKHC is 100% online, so it fits flexibly into your schedule. The only time-sensitive activity is the Live Q&A - even then, you can submit questions beforehand and listen later. Trainings are short and effective, easy to work through even if you only grab a few minutes here and there. In fact, working in small chunks is at the core of BKS. Trainings are available in video/audio/PDF formats for maximum convenience. And you can’t get behind! More on that next:

“How long does BKHC last?”

BKHC is an ongoing membership program. The foundational BKS cycle is 6 months, after which many members spiral through the BKS cycle again in advanced mode. Members may leave at any time and may rejoin during the two short registration periods in January and July. [Reminder: Returning members rejoin at the new, higher rate. Ongoing members have their fee locked in at the low rate they joined at.]

“Is BKHC completely online or do I attend in-person events as well?”

BKHC is 100% online. We may have the opportunity for a live retreat down the line, and meet-ups are encouraged so members can hang out face to face. The heart of BKHC will always be online: our goal is to deliver this powerful system to you as quickly, efficiently and flexibly as possible.

“I’m a harp teacher – will BKHC be valuable to me?”

Definitely, we have many harp teachers who are members! Oftentimes, harp teachers find themselves losing track of their personal dreams and goals. BKHC returns you to your true Purpose, setting you on a proven path of growth as a teacher AND an artist. Plus, you can use BKS in your studio so that your students progress even more - everyone wins!

“I already have a harp teacher – does BKHC replace my teacher?”

No! BKHC supports your teacher-student relationship, providing clarity and direction for your work together. The 5 Elements and the 5 Steps are consistent with any style/level of playing, so there’s no conflict with what you’re working on with your teacher. BKHC does not offer 1-1 teaching. At BKHC, we’re strong advocates of your finding a 1-1 harp teacher to complement our BKS work.

“I’m a total beginner at the harp – is BKHC too advanced for me?”

Not at all! BKHC uses evergreen principles that work for all levels and styles. In fact, the earlier you start using this system, the quicker your results will be. Keep in mind that if you're a total beginner, you'll still need a 1-1 teacher for basic harp skills such as technique.

“I’m already a professional harpist – will BKHC provide anything more than what I already know?”

We have many professional harpists in our membership. Professional harpists consistently suffer from 2 problems: burnout + stress. BKHC delivers the tools to reconnect your passion and Purpose, reigniting your inspiration and streamlining your musical life. Bottom line, as professional harpists we often end up getting buffeted around by external demands (gigs, recording, taking care of business matters, etc.) BKHC reorients you to your artistic path.

“How is BKHC different from Virtual Harp Summit? I understand they’re both Bright Knowledge Academy programs…”

Virtual Harp Summit = raw material. VHS is a massive wave of inspiration and information. VHS brings you fascinating harpists from all over the globe, sharing their deep insights on one theme per summit so that you can really move the needle on your porgress.

BKHC = the system to master your material. BKHC is a highly focused system for getting results for harpists. BKS is an evergreen system for achieving progress with your harp playing and harp dreams. BKHC offers you ongoing support and feedback.

VHS is inspiration + information. BKHC teaches how to master this inspiration + information. If VHS is a rainbow, BKHC is a laser beam!


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