Practice & Perform Better Today
(even if you feel stuck right now)

Make 2018 the year your harp dreams become reality!

You CAN play with beauty, make progress & perform with ease - here’s how:

Some harpists shine, playing with confidence and flow
Other harpists spend years bogged down by slow progress & clunky playing

The answer is NOT talent!

Do these sound familiar?

Practice = overwhelming
Sight of your harp = guilt
Progress = minimal
Performance = scary stuff


From teaching & performing harp for decades, I’ve learned it's usually only 1 missing factor holding you back:


Most harpists don’t have a system. Instead, they flounder, going nowhere fast. Imagine a school where there’s no clear path to success, no goals, no community, no knowledge of what works and what doesn’t! That's what no system looks like. Do you find yourself trying to reinvent the wheel – draining time, energy, money? Do you amass books, workshops, handouts, yet see no results?


A SIMPLE SOLUTION to your harping "stuckness" EXISTS.


BKS is distilled from decades of harp teaching, performing and research.
Many unique factors go into mastering our beautiful instrument, so we've built a unique system for you.

I have finally, after about 30 years, found my real purpose—that was HUGE for me and has so increased my joy and confidence as I've made the necessary changes. I laughed and cried at the same time after that initial class and it has progressed in my life since then. I’ve experienced the deepening of my understanding of how and why to play the harp, for ME, and that maybe I actually can eventually sound like how I would love to while feeling like I want to.

Esme B

Ontario, Canada

I am less nervous playing before my teacher during class. I have success in learning music by patterns, and practise in chunks. They all help in my memorization. I am now working on performance practice. Previously, I had never been encouraged to perform in front of anyone. You teach from the ground up. It is so very important. Every harpist no matter what level she/he is on can benefit from it. Now I have a base to work from.

Angelina M,

British Colombia, Canada

I have a habit of signing up for something, then regretting it, or not using it, but still getting charged forever. With BKHC, I have gotten way more than I ever imagined. I have improved skills, gotten more disciplined about practice, and reached goals instead of reaching for goals.

Janet D

Florida, USA

My results have included building courage to reach beyond my greatest fears. I’m putting the focus on my purpose and able to make guilt-free decisions that are in keeping with it. I’m looking at music from a different point of view. Not just dots on a page to be played. I love, love, love the community, discussions and sharing of information, plus being able to put the learning process in order. BKHC provides direction, encouragement and a solid foundation to build upon.

Karen Theume

BKS Member

The deep work we did led me to understand how fear became so entwined with finally getting to my dream of playing the harp. I've been able to thank fear for it's efforts at protecting me and invite it out the door. Playing the harp doesn't scare me! I am learning music more quickly, which was one of my goals when I first joined. But more deliciously, I am learning music more deeply. I finally and at last feel like I am playing from inside the music.

Janet H

North Carolina, USA

Results have been phenomenal. I have been motivated to daily practice, which in turn has given me confidence. (My husband and daughters just say "WOW"). Nothing compares to what you get from BKHC.

Sally C

Wisconsin, USA

This is what Bright Knowledge System gives you.


The 2 Milestones of BKS:



BKS teaches you skill, not just information.
BKS is a system you’ll learn now and use for life, from beginner to pro.
BKS is streamlined: for a system to work, efficiency is key.

I find the trainings beautifully organized and to the point. What fascinates me is the way that almost all of the questions that are asked can be answered within the context of the 5 Steps and 5 Essential Elements of BKS. While I embrace a certain artistic temperament, I still like to have tables, charts, and circles (in particular!) in which to organize information.
— Margie B, Vermont, USA


Bright Knowledge System (BKS) is taught via the Bright Knowledge Harp Circle membership program (BKHC).


Concise, Organized,
Delivered via Video + Audio + PDF


Dynamic, Online, Focused on Action & Results, Led by 2 Pro Community Managers & Dr. Diana

Learn on your own schedule, wherever you are in the world
BKS works with your current teacher, if you’re self-taught, and even if you’re a pro harpist.
BKS is an evergreen system for harp progress and confidence for life.

I really like the online community. I benefit a lot from other people's postings. There's a lot of soul bearing going on, and it feels very safe!

Margie B

BKS Member

Hands down the part I like best about BKHC is being able to proceed at my own pace without pressure from others. With my current medical concerns, I'm afraid strict deadlines might have forced me to drop out. I love the informative lessons, the community of harpists that are so willing to share their knowledge and music, and the inspiration and encouragement I feel as I move through the circle. I also appreciate being able to print out the topics so I can review them as needed. The course is very well organized and your team is also responsive to questions and concerns.

Marti R

Colorado, USA

BKHC is my first foray into Facebook and a virtual community. The Facebook group was what I was the least interested in when I started. I've been surprised that I feel connected to the FB group, and surprised that reading how others have the same kinds of harp challenges and issues as I do helps me be much more relaxed about mine.
I also have felt genuinely supported when I've posted about things being difficult for me. I appreciate your effort to make the Facebook group positive, focused and directed to BKHC - Community Manager Jillian does a great job on that.

Janet H

BKS Member

Want even more detail?

The BKHC format:

1 monthly theme, based on 1 Step + 1 Essential Element
Trainings released 3Xmonth via video + audio + PDF
Trainings = 20 minutes on average
Monthly Live Q&A session with Dr. Diana Rowan and the BKHC community, laser-focused on BKS and getting you results
Secret Facebook Group run by 2 pro Community Managers & Dr. Diana, keeping you engaged, inspired, accountable

This program is completely unique. I'd recommend it to anyone who is ready for a deeply personal challenge, not just a "how-to" program. Going deep into your own motivations takes courage. Who would ever have thought this is key to being a musician? The fundamentals of the program I think are transferable to other pursuits in life. Certainly other kinds of musicianship, and many other parts of life. Really, I think this program is brilliantly conceived and structured. And Diana is thoroughly delightful in her presentation. What a joy!
— Chris Palmer, Georgia, USA



Harpists of all levels and genres who want to learn the simple, proven system for real progress, inspiration and support

"I don't believe BKHC is for everyone. Students who need an authority figure and aren't willing or able to trust themselves as being their own best teacher probably would have a hard time trusting BKS. Each student is urged, is required to take the journey in their own time and space, and with each spiral we get to go deeper. Our landscapes aren't the same, and we inspire and enrich each other with our visions and what we see along our individual paths. Each person's journey is celebrated and supported and valued. "

— Linda A, Oklahoma, USA


BKHC is not for beginners without a 1-1 teacher.

BKHC requires you have some harp background.

If you have zero harp experience, we recommend you start with a 1-1 teacher in addition to BKHC.

"I was not sure if I was ready for BKHC. Also, the fee felt high for me, even though if you really take advantage of it, it is not. Now I am more engaged in music. I am thinking harder. I’ve seen acceleration of my process. Community. Exposure to others' ideas and opinions. It is very important for me that I joined BKHC. This was what I needed."

— Masayo H, California, USA


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